What tourist love about Primrose Hill, London

Primrose Hill is a beautiful park located in North London, a popular destination for tourists visiting the city. One of the main reasons that tourists love visiting this park is the stunning panoramic views of the London skyline. From the top of the hill, visitors can see some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Shard, the BT Tower, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Keep reading to learn more about why tourist loves this place.

Here are several reasons why visitors love this place

Scenic Beauty: The park is a popular spot for outdoor activities, such as picnics, sunbathing, and kite flying. It has an expansive green space that provides ample room for visitors to relax and enjoy the fresh air, and several walking paths and trails allow visitors to explore the park’s natural beauty.

Trendy Neighbourhood: The park is located in a vibrant and stylish community, with many cafes, restaurants, and shops nearby. This makes it an ideal destination for visitors who want to experience London’s local culture and cuisine.

The Location: The park is strategically located near several popular attractions, such as London Zoo and Camden Market.


Primrose Hill offers a unique and enjoyable experience for tourists visiting London. Whether visitors want to take in stunning views, enjoy outdoor activities, or immerse themselves in the local culture, Primrose Hill has something to offer everyone.

How to reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation?

Excessive exposure to the sun is the primary cause of hyperpigmentation, which manifests as irregularly darkened areas or spots on the skin. It typically happens because of an underlying inflammatory condition. Skin discolouration that is noticeably darker than the normal skin around it occurs when inflammation has subsided.

How to Reduce and Prevent Hyperpigmentation

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating is essential if you want your dark spots to go. Choose a chemical exfoliator to eliminate dead skin cells, speed up cell turnover, fade dark spots, and improve your skin’s overall appearance.

Wear Protective Clothing

Avoiding sun-induced hyperpigmentation requires taking preventative measures such as using sunscreen and wearing protective gear. Sun protection gear such as hats and sunglasses should be worn, and time spent outdoors should be minimal.

Don’t Skip SPF

It is vital to prevent sun damage leading to darkened skin. The most straightforward preventative approach is to use sunscreen whenever you go outside, even on cloudy days.

Avoid Skin Picking

In addition to spreading infection, picking at cuts, sores, and acne can irritate the skin, create irritation, and result in problems, including hyperpigmentation, scarring, and dark patches.

Incorporate Skincare Products

We understand that it may seem impossible to get rid of black spots entirely, but there are certain things you can do at home to lessen their appearance. One of these is to use a topical vitamin C serum. These reduce oxidative stress in the skin by neutralising free radicals.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments eliminate excess melanin by dissolving it to flush it out of the body. The treatment’s efficacy may only become apparent after several sessions.

Precautions You Need to Consider during Pregnancy Facials

Getting facials while pregnant is typically safe, but there are some treatments, including microdermabrasion and chemical peels, that should be avoided. Since your skin is more sensitive than usual during pregnancy, microdermabrasion increases your risk of redness, acne outbreaks, and an uneven appearance. The use of a mild exfoliant on the face, such as crushed apricot kernels or bamboo beads, followed by a deeply moisturising mask (such as avocado or yoghurt), is a safe and relaxing alternative.

Precaution while Facial while pregnant

Make sure the facial treatments you’re receiving don’t include any harmful chemicals for you and the baby. When it comes to facial peels, beta hydroxy acid (BHA) like salicylic acid is an agent you want to avoid at all costs, according to Engelman. Doctors advise against using chemical peels that contain BHA because the acid has been proved to be dangerous for baby when taken orally in large levels. However, alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic and lactic acid, which are used in many facial treatments, are naturally occurring sugarcane byproducts that pose no risk to the unborn child. Simply said, before getting any sort of peel done, you should talk to your doctor.

Take away

The benefits include a pregnant glow for some women and not for others. Acne, dry skin, and excessive redness are all symptoms of pregnancy, but a relaxing, hydrating facial can help. Always consult a facial specialist before caring any facial while pregnant to prevent the risks.

Christmas Dinner in London

The Christmas season is here with us! It is a time of the year that is about family, good food, and drinks. If you plan to spend your Christmas in London, there is a wide selection of restaurants where you can enjoy your favourite meals. But what is the best Christmas dinner in London? Continue reading about some of the dinner options to consider this Christmas in London.

Christmas Dinner Options in London

• Christmas Turkey

A good size turkey is a key ingredient on the British Christmas dinner. However, some people opt for goose, duck or other meat. A turkey is a must-have ingredient in most families during Christmas dinner.

Christmas Afternoon Tea | Royal Lancaster London(opens in a new tab)

• Other Christmas food: sides

Other food that accompanies this turkey includes gravy, cranberry source, stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots, and brussels sprouts.

Yorkshire pudding, redcurrant jelly, and pigs in blankets are some common condiments many families will opt for during dinner.

Besides, be ready to taste a bread source. If you have never stepped to London, you might not be familiar with this food side. The meal is prepared from milk which is stirred with bread crumbs. Lastly, the thickened milk mixtures is then scented with spices. In London, bread source is a vital part of Christmas dinner. Many families love it; it is delicious and divine with a turkey.

Christmas Dessert

Desert and Christmas pudding are served last after you have enjoyed your Christmas main meal. For Christmas pudding these delicacies are usually apportioned with liquor poured on top and lit on fire. Besides, there are other typical Christmas sweets, such as mince pies.

Mince pies are filled with a preserve made from dried candied fruit, suet, apple, and spices mixed in liquor.

Christmas day cannot be satisfying without delicious meals and drinks. The above are some of the meals you can consider this festive.

Handy guide to Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is synonymous with the finer things in London. Here you will find all things luxurious, from restaurants to 5-star hotels to shops selling luxury goods. If you want to sample the finer things in London, here is a handy guide.

How to get here

This part of London is served by numerous London buses. Visitors can also use the Piccadilly line if they want to use the Tube.

Where to stay

There are plenty of luxurious hotels where you can stay. If you are looking for something more affordable, you can do thorough online research to see which options are available. It is highly recommended to book early since there is huge demand due to the high number of visitors.

What to see

There are plenty of streets and squares to explore on your visit. For example, Trevor Square, which is between Hyde park and Brompton Road, has plenty of colourful balconies, doors, and flower boxes. You will also be amazed by the stunningly beautiful houses built in the architectural styles of the 1880s.


By Jordiferrer – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63381376

A visit to Knightsbridge would not be complete without a shopping tour in its numerous high-end department stores such as Harrods or Harvey Nichols and brands such as Chanel to Dior.

If you are looking for a taste of luxury in London, you could never have been at a better place than here.

The Most Common Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition most common in women aged 30 to 60 years. The main symptom is a red often pimply complexion with a tendency for facial blushing or flushing but it can be accompanied by thread veins (tiny broken blood vessels), rhinophyma (thickening of the skin on the nose) and gritty or dry eyes. Rosacea is often confused for acne but the conditions and treatments are quite different.

The most common rosacea treatments are:

Prescription Medication

Rosacea needs to be diagnosed by a GP or dermatologist and treatment can begin. There is no cure for the condition but medication can ease the symptoms. Treatment is usually long-term although there may be periods when symptoms subside completely.

Oral antibiotics may be prescribed. These include erythromycin, tetracycline, oxytetracycline and doxycycline.

Topical creams are another option and these include metronidazole, azelaic acid and ivermectin.

Please note, thread veins do not respond to medication. Thread veins can be treated with laser therapy but the other rosacea symptoms must be in abeyance.

Over the Counter Preparations

Various lotions and creams are available in pharmacies and supermarkets that will reduce the effect of symptoms but they are not as powerful or effective as prescription medications.

Self Help Measures

A powerful ally is avoiding things that can aggravate rosacea. This includes avoiding sun exposure, topical steroids and rich, greasy skincare, especially oil-based products.

It is good practice for everyone to wear a face sunscreen anytime they are outside (yes, even on cloudy days), but it is even more sensible for anyone with rosacea.

Medical Rosacea Facial

While high street beauty salons and spa facial treatments should be avoided, dermatologists may offer a specific type of rosacea facial that is complementary to other measures.

Anyone who suspects they have rosacea should consult with a GP or dermatologist who can help with a course of treatment.

The History of St John’s Anglican Church – Notting Hill

St John’s Anglican Church Notting Hill, a Victorian Anglican church, was founded by a group of evangelical Christians in 1824; it has been serving its congregation since then.

History of the church – get the facts about this Victorian Anglican church

Designed by architects George Alexander and John Hargrave Stevens, this church was inspired by the Victorian Gothic style.

According to historical reports, the church has served its congregation for over 180 years now. That means it has been standing at this location even before London got its own Parliament buildings! It has seen several generations of Londoners and has been witness to some of the well-known historical events that shaped not only Great Britain but also the entire world.

The Church of St John the Evangelist was renamed to the current name after it was moved to its present location on Elgin Crescent.The church was originally designed as a simple structure; however, but over time has been enlarged and improved upon several times until 1870; this is when it assumed its current form that people can see today.

It covers an area of about three hundred square meters and is built entirely from Portland Stone which gives this historical building a spectacular appearance. Here is a site with more details about this church: https://stjohnsnottinghill.com/

The church has maintained its historical significance to Londoners, and it is now considered one of the city’s most important landmarks. It was built for those passionate about celebrating faith in God, making it an ideal place to visit if you’re trying to find peace amidst all the chaos that surrounds the world daily.

By Megalit – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=100131440

The history of London’s Soho district

Soho is a well-known area of London with a colourful history and changing fortunes. It went from upper-class patronage to a haunt for those looking for entertainment of a rather downmarket nature. But what was it really like?

The history of Soho started in 1536, when Henry VIII made its farmlands into a royal park and hunting ground. Soohoo was a rallying cry in hunts, so this may be where its name comes from.

Development occurred in the 17th century, with houses for the wealthy. It became a parish soon afterwards, with the establishment of Soho Square (once Soho Fields), and St. Anne’s Church. Soho also attracted an artistic and bohemian element, as well as immigrants, especially Huguenots escaping persecution in France.

New trades, entertainments, and the rise of the West End followed, but so did brothels. Poverty and crime increased, and in Victorian times, cholera struck. The cause was contaminated drinking water, leading to the discovery by Dr John Snow (now a Soho pub name) that cholera was not airborne.

Despite these problems, Soho’s narrow, crowded streets attracted residents like the poet Shelley, composer Franz Liszt and artist John Constable. A century earlier, the Venetian painter Canaletto lived here while producing views of London.

By the 20th century, Soho had its own distinctive character. Its most famous strip club was The Windmill, with its motto “We Never Closed”. It beat censorship by arranging nude figures as tableaux, arguing that it was only obscene if the dancers moved. Regulars included high society members, families and serving soldiers.

Royal Lancaster London, a luxury hotel in the neighbourhood, is launching a special black friday sale for the month of November and also providing VR events spaces where you can host virtual events and live stream them around the world.

Soho has always been important for music, with clubs like the Marquee and Ronnie Scott’s, and Denmark Street’s instrument sellers and music publishers. The film industry, too, was based here. Today, with Chinatown as a neighbour, and Old Compton Street’s gay scene, restaurants and bars populate its streets, but it still has a set of loyal residents.

5 of the best restaurants in Sukhumvit.


We have sorted restaurants according to quality, service provided, furniture, hygiene number of services offered among others. Quality has focused on the value of the food you are to eat. Here we are checking whether the food is worth every cent you pay. Next for discussion is the means of service which looks at the personnel who offer the service. Furniture will check on the tables, chairs, and pieces of art. All these angles have enabled us to come up with the following list as the top 5 restaurants in Sukhumvit.


The ISAO Restaurant.


Coming in at first position is the ISAO hotel. The ISAO hotel is suitable for those who are highly into sushi, Japanese or Indian dishes. They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. ISAO restaurant is known for its excellent services in Bangkok. The hotel has highly trained staff members who are organized. They have a pictorial menu which is easy to use with dishes being served being well presented. The ISAO hotel is suitable for both family, couple and solo dishes.


Govinda Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria.


This Italian based hotel is known for the different pizza dishes served in Bangkok. They are well vast in vegetarian, van and Italian dishes. Govinda is known for the quality service that they produce. The staff is friendly, and the food is worth the price. The menu, on the other hand, is of quality. The restaurant has an upper floor that is cool, and peaceful. The hotel is suitable for couples and is a nice place to take supper.


The Siam Brasserie at Lancaster Bangkok


Featuring at the second runners up position is The Siam Brasserie restaurant which is known to offer Asian and Thai Dishes. Individuals can book reservations to the hotel easily. The restaurant does not only focus on the dishes but also the furniture. Siam Brasserie has a team of stuff that is disciplined and highly skilled. Siam Brasserie is suitable for spouses and is a nice place to romance your partner.


The Monsoon.

At the fourth position is Monsoon Bangkok Café. The Monsoon is known as a romantic spot, aside from that this the hotel is well spacious for business meetings and large groups. The Monsoon restaurant serves vegetarian-friendly dishes, European, Asian, local cuisine. Recipes at the hotel are gluon free. They have well attentive and polite staff who deliver. The food is here is delicious and of a reasonable price. Monsoon is a place to chill out no matter what time of the day it is.


Det 5.

The Det five features as the last on the list as a family restaurant and a place to relax after an extended day’s work. Det 5 has an open environment which makes it a cool place to relax. They have numerous offers that will save you a tone load of cash. Food at the restaurant is well priced and is of high standards. The team here is warm welcoming, thus bringing in the sense of being at home.



Whether you live in Bangkok or you have visited you the place for a business trip the following restaurants will never disappoint. You will surely turn out as a hero before your friend, partner or family. All the hotels are elegant.


Five of West London’s best parks

London is a famous city that prides itself on the green spaces that are well-distributed throughout almost every area. West London is home to various beautiful gardens and parks that are perfect places to spend the sunny afternoon. Visitors can explore the city’s beautiful parks from deer-spotting in Richmond Park to Boating in Hyde Park.


From sunbathing and picnics during the summer to the brisk and refreshing walks in winter, there is always a reason why you should visit one of the west London’s parks. Here are the five of west London’s best parks. Here is a site with parks to visit in London: https://www.visitlondon.com/things-to-do/openspace/best-parks-in-london


Richmond Park – Visit Royal Park in the City with Family


The Richmond Park is home to approximately 650 deer, and it is the largest park in London. It features a pastoral landscape of woodlands and hills set amongst the ancient trees with animals, plants and butterflies that provide a peaceful respite to the visitors. Richmond Park offers two golf courses that are near Roehampton and playgrounds at Petersham and Kingston gates. Fishing is also available at the Pen Ponds plus a cycling path and horse-riding tracks. For meals, visitors can choose from K-West Hotel & Spa, Roehampton Café or Pembroke Lodge.


Ravenscourt Park – Visitors Get to Enjoy the Sports with the Friends

Complete with Child-friendly café, a basketball court and the lake not to mention the tennis courts, Ravenscourt is a crowning glory of Fulham and the west London Borough of Hammersmith. It is a perfect spot for anyone planning to chill out after taking some hours browsing the kiosks and shops around Hammersmith.


Holland Park – Home to a Giant See-Saw


The Holland Park in Kensington features sports areas, large areas of woodland, wildlife and a cafeteria. With the availability of extensive climbing equipment, zip wire giant see-saw and the tire swing, it is a perfect spot for visitors to enjoy the April sunshine with their families.


Queen Mary’s Garden in Regents Park – A must-Visit Queens Park

Named after the death of King George’s wife, Queen Mary’s Garden Park is world-famous. The park is west London’s largest collection of the roses with around 12,000 roses planted and managed within the gardens. Also, there are approximately 85 single variety beds, which include the one for the special Royal Parks rose


Trend Park Enfield – Holiday-makers Enjoy the Welcome Escape of Noise and Stress

From the ancient woodlands, lakes and meadows, the park has everything that suits every visitor’s unique needs and requirements. The park is located at the borders of Enfield, and it provides a welcome escape of noise and stress of the big city life.


Whether a visitor is into jogging, playing, cycling or they fancy the causal stroll amongst the ancient trees, they will have the chance to engage in their favourite outdoor activities in the vast open spaces with the picturesque surroundings. If visitors are up for adding other activities to their day at the park, they can try horse riding, cycling or golf playing in the open.

If you are exploring London, then on the weekend don’t miss a visit to London’s Camden Market, where you can find street foood and fashion. Nearby you can find the fabulous park of Primrose Hill from which to enjoy a rare view of London.