The History of St John’s Anglican Church – Notting Hill

St John’s Anglican Church Notting Hill, a Victorian Anglican church, was founded by a group of evangelical Christians in 1824; it has been serving its congregation since then.

History of the church – get the facts about this Victorian Anglican church

Designed by architects George Alexander and John Hargrave Stevens, this church was inspired by the Victorian Gothic style.

According to historical reports, the church has served its congregation for over 180 years now. That means it has been standing at this location even before London got its own Parliament buildings! It has seen several generations of Londoners and has been witness to some of the well-known historical events that shaped not only Great Britain but also the entire world.

The Church of St John the Evangelist was renamed to the current name after it was moved to its present location on Elgin Crescent.The church was originally designed as a simple structure; however, but over time has been enlarged and improved upon several times until 1870; this is when it assumed its current form that people can see today.

It covers an area of about three hundred square meters and is built entirely from Portland Stone which gives this historical building a spectacular appearance. Here is a site with more details about this church:

The church has maintained its historical significance to Londoners, and it is now considered one of the city’s most important landmarks. It was built for those passionate about celebrating faith in God, making it an ideal place to visit if you’re trying to find peace amidst all the chaos that surrounds the world daily.

By Megalit – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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