Christmas Dinner in London

The Christmas season is here with us! It is a time of the year that is about family, good food, and drinks. If you plan to spend your Christmas in London, there is a wide selection of restaurants where you can enjoy your favourite meals. But what is the best Christmas dinner in London? Continue reading about some of the dinner options to consider this Christmas in London.

Christmas Dinner Options in London

• Christmas Turkey

A good size turkey is a key ingredient on the British Christmas dinner. However, some people opt for goose, duck or other meat. A turkey is a must-have ingredient in most families during Christmas dinner.

Christmas Afternoon Tea | Royal Lancaster London(opens in a new tab)

• Other Christmas food: sides

Other food that accompanies this turkey includes gravy, cranberry source, stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots, and brussels sprouts.

Yorkshire pudding, redcurrant jelly, and pigs in blankets are some common condiments many families will opt for during dinner.

Besides, be ready to taste a bread source. If you have never stepped to London, you might not be familiar with this food side. The meal is prepared from milk which is stirred with bread crumbs. Lastly, the thickened milk mixtures is then scented with spices. In London, bread source is a vital part of Christmas dinner. Many families love it; it is delicious and divine with a turkey.

Christmas Dessert

Desert and Christmas pudding are served last after you have enjoyed your Christmas main meal. For Christmas pudding these delicacies are usually apportioned with liquor poured on top and lit on fire. Besides, there are other typical Christmas sweets, such as mince pies.

Mince pies are filled with a preserve made from dried candied fruit, suet, apple, and spices mixed in liquor.

Christmas day cannot be satisfying without delicious meals and drinks. The above are some of the meals you can consider this festive.


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