Five of West London’s best parks

London is a famous city that prides itself on the green spaces that are well-distributed throughout almost every area. West London is home to various beautiful gardens and parks that are perfect places to spend the sunny afternoon. Visitors can explore the city’s beautiful parks from deer-spotting in Richmond Park to Boating in Hyde Park.


From sunbathing and picnics during the summer to the brisk and refreshing walks in winter, there is always a reason why you should visit one of the west London’s parks. Here are the five of west London’s best parks. Here is a site with parks to visit in London:


Richmond Park – Visit Royal Park in the City with Family


The Richmond Park is home to approximately 650 deer, and it is the largest park in London. It features a pastoral landscape of woodlands and hills set amongst the ancient trees with animals, plants and butterflies that provide a peaceful respite to the visitors. Richmond Park offers two golf courses that are near Roehampton and playgrounds at Petersham and Kingston gates. Fishing is also available at the Pen Ponds plus a cycling path and horse-riding tracks. For meals, visitors can choose from K-West Hotel & Spa, Roehampton Café or Pembroke Lodge.


Ravenscourt Park – Visitors Get to Enjoy the Sports with the Friends

Complete with Child-friendly café, a basketball court and the lake not to mention the tennis courts, Ravenscourt is a crowning glory of Fulham and the west London Borough of Hammersmith. It is a perfect spot for anyone planning to chill out after taking some hours browsing the kiosks and shops around Hammersmith.


Holland Park – Home to a Giant See-Saw


The Holland Park in Kensington features sports areas, large areas of woodland, wildlife and a cafeteria. With the availability of extensive climbing equipment, zip wire giant see-saw and the tire swing, it is a perfect spot for visitors to enjoy the April sunshine with their families.


Queen Mary’s Garden in Regents Park – A must-Visit Queens Park

Named after the death of King George’s wife, Queen Mary’s Garden Park is world-famous. The park is west London’s largest collection of the roses with around 12,000 roses planted and managed within the gardens. Also, there are approximately 85 single variety beds, which include the one for the special Royal Parks rose


Trend Park Enfield – Holiday-makers Enjoy the Welcome Escape of Noise and Stress

From the ancient woodlands, lakes and meadows, the park has everything that suits every visitor’s unique needs and requirements. The park is located at the borders of Enfield, and it provides a welcome escape of noise and stress of the big city life.


Whether a visitor is into jogging, playing, cycling or they fancy the causal stroll amongst the ancient trees, they will have the chance to engage in their favourite outdoor activities in the vast open spaces with the picturesque surroundings. If visitors are up for adding other activities to their day at the park, they can try horse riding, cycling or golf playing in the open.

If you are exploring London, then on the weekend don’t miss a visit to London’s Camden Market, where you can find street foood and fashion. Nearby you can find the fabulous park of Primrose Hill from which to enjoy a rare view of London.

5 Top International Cuisines You Can Try in London

London is a great place where you can try food from all over the world with people getting more adventurous when it comes to tastes over the years, wanting to create a memorable holiday. Keeping that in mind, here are the five top international cuisines visitors can try in the British Capital.

Good food in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Me!

Falafel balls with salad
Falafel balls with salad

Italian – Enjoy London’s Most Influential International Food with Family

Italian food in London is so common that people sometimes forget that its European roots. Most families in London eat pasta or pizza at least once a week, maybe in the form of the traditional carbonara sauce or traditional spaghetti.


Asian – Visitors can Enjoy the Asian Import with Friends

Chinese food has become a national staple in Britain. Nowadays, people in London eat rice with all types of meal, and traditional Chinese flavours are now a big part of cooking in London. Soy, garlic and chilli? Chinese five spice? Sweet and sour? These are all important ingredients for all modern cooks in London.

Other Asian cuisines visitors can try in London include Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Laotian. They will love the variety of earthy umami flavours, punchy spices as well as the fresh, zingy marinades and sauces. Visitors can try the sesame-crusted fish dish with characteristic heat from savoury miso paste, ginger and chilli oil plus fresh vegetables.


Indian – Visitors can Have a Real Feast for the Senses

Indian food has had a huge impact on cooking in London that elements of these 2 food cultures have merged into the Anglo-Indian mix of tasty flavours. This includes chicken tikka masala, pseudo-Indian curry and spicy chutneys, designed for western tastes.


American – Friends and Family can Get a Taste of American Flavours

America is known to be a melting pot of many cultures and cuisines, and it has put its stamp on certain foods. Slush puppies, corn, salads and cured meats, all come from America. Visitors can enjoy these foods in London and get a taste of American cuisine.


Korean – Visitors will Have Some of the World’s Tastiest Dishes

Fermented foods, especially Kimchi (fermented vegetables) are at peak popularity because of the health benefits linked to friendly gut bacteria. However, there is a lot more to delicious Korean food than probiotics and pickling. Families and friends can enjoy a bowlful of oriental, tasty comfort food where their choice of rice and meat are served with spicy gochujang, fresh ginger plus a runny egg on top. This can also be done with fishcakes.

Those who are planning to visit London should try these international foods exploiting the best produce of different regions and countries. There are many restaurants where visitors can find international cuisines in London; for instance, a great Thai restaurant near Hyde park is Nipa Thai, at Royal Lancaster London.